Monday, March 27, 2017

Opposition to Reviving Extinct Species

I think that this is the dumbest idea ever thought of. I think some of the drawbacks can be like the animals that they brung back could go wild and kill people. No it's not right to bring them back there dead let them rest in peace. Why would you even want to bring something back to life it makes no sense to me.


  1. I think you make some semi-good points, but I feel like you went more Jurassic Park version on the topic and the animals they would bring back would be more like birds and wooly mammoths. (I'm going to be an English Nazzi for a second) That is not the correct use of brung it should be bring and your last sentences should be two separate sentences one a question and one a statement. That all I have for you.

    1. That isn't nice im not an english geek. And I highly disagree with you.

  2. It's *I'm* and what you wrote is only supposed to be one statement. Why do you highly disagree with me?