Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Things that bring me happiness

My teacher is having me reflect on things that make me happy. This is my list on what makes me happy.

  1. girls 
  2. guns 
  3. winchester
  4. benelli
  5. remington
  6. geese 
  7. ducks
  8. football
  9. Nebraska football
  10. Redskins
  11. 12 gauge
  12. avain x decoys
  13. dogs
  14. fishing
  15. bass
  16. walleye
  17. snow
  18. blackcloud
  19. green head gear decoys
  20. dakota decoys
  21. folding geese
  22. heaters
  23. the smell of gunpowder
  24. muckboots
  25. layout blinds


  1. Garrett-

    Great list! It looks like you are quite the avid outdoorsman! I'm sure there are some great hunting locations out in your part of the state. The Nebraska panhandle is my favorite region!

  2. i like how you didn't say guys. im just kidding but that is pretty funny

  3. Hi Garrett, I love this list! #13 & #16 were my favorite. The world is seeing your awesome, keep up the great work in school. I am a parent of 3 & we all can relate to this fun stuff. We have enjoyed looking over your class project. Thanks for sharing you! Best, Jen